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Owning My Story

I recently passed the seven month mark of being here in Stockholm, Sweden. What a difference a few days makes. In no way could I have anticipated I would be here this long during this first stretch of my adventure as a digital nomad. It’s been an enlightening and enriching seven months. But I didn’t anticipate I'd learn so much in such a short time.

This past weekend I went to a friend's gallery opening at Galleri Engleson in Stockholm, Sweden’s historic Gamla Stan. It was great to see his recent works and to learn some of the inspiration behind the pieces. There was also a write up of him in the French language publication Le Petit Journal. The Stockholm exhibition will continue until Thursday, May 21. However, you can purchase his works on Etsy.

Jenny and I continue to move forward with our podcast Wallflowers in Bloom. Last Wednesday we uploaded Episode 4 - There’s Something About Erick. I was in the hot seat for this episode. In my rockstar fantasies, being interviewed by someone like Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey sounds exciting. In reality I'll admit I was nervous to have the focus on me the whole time. But Jenny was patient, guiding me through some really thought-provoking questions.

During the interview I was reminded that part of being my best self is owning my story. This means accepting all of my life's chapters. No life is perfect, including my own. However, in sharing with those close to me my journey, I discover that most of my life has been a really good one. And if I’m open to it, I can also work through shame surrounding certain parts of my path. The love and support that I have outweigh the unsavory moments.

A few days ago the joy of writing returned, with me getting back to a memoir piece I began working on a couple of months ago. I first discovered the beauty of memoir writing a few years ago through The Missing Peace, a group started by Hali and Robin. They help writers at all levels embrace our need and desire to share stories. I’ve always had a love for writing. But for many years I attempted to create work that never really captured my own voice. Through The Missing Peace, I find that all forms of artistic expression need to come from a personal place to be relatable to others.

Summer is just around the corner. I remain hopeful that progress will be made to wipeout COVID-19. My heart goes out to those who have been affected by the virus. And a huge thank you to all who have been on the frontlines helping those in need. I believe in the power of positivity, and that through us tapping into this energy source, safe and effective cures will be made.

Stay safe, be supportive and remain hopeful.

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