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Preventions Against COVID-19

With what’s currently happening around the world in connection to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), today I'm going to focus on this and some ways we can offer support. Similar to other countries, Sweden is encouraging individuals to follow the guidelines put out by the World Health Organization (WHO). This includes washing your hands, maintaining social distancing and self-quarantining if you’re ill or developing symptoms connected to the virus.

This week has been noticeably more quiet here in Stockholm. Fortunately quite a few people are able to work from home, and most higher education courses have moved online. For the most part grocery stores, pharmacies and some restaurants and cafes here in Stockholm have remained open. This past Tuesday a friend and I stopped in for a fika at Joe The Juice on Vasagatan. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic were sparse. And being the only patrons in the café reinforced the reality of what we as a global community are experiencing.

I’m thankful that governments are implementing restrictions to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, the unfortunate side effect is the impact it’s having on the global economy, with small businesses being the most vulnerable. Although we do need to reduce our exposure to large gatherings, another friend reminded me that we can find other ways to support local businesses. Some restaurants and cafes in Stockholm are offering pick up and/or delivery of prepared meals. Yesterday she and I stopped in at Under Kastanjen in Gamla Stan (Old Town). They offer a tasty array of selections and have a very friendly and welcoming staff.

With the recent restriction on non-essential travel, non-residents who have found their stays extended in Stockholm can rent rooms at Castanea Hostel, also located in picturesque Gamla Stan.

The goal is to keep ourselves and those most at risk from harm, and to continue to find safe and effective ways to reduce the spread of the virus. I’ve also been reminded that we can find positive and supportive ways to come together through being there for others.

I’m hopeful for a safe and effective remedy and I will continue to keep everyone in my thoughts.

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