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Serenity Through Acceptance

My co-host Jenny and I uploaded Episode 3 of Wallflowers in Bloom. In this episode Jenny shares her experiences and awarenesses as an introvert. She also reveals some of the tools she uses to accept and embrace herself.

We offers up our experiences and insights thriving amongst extroverts. When interviewing Jenny, the phrase that came to mind was serenity through acceptance. Through this I feel it’s possible to open the door to a more positive and fulfilled life.

Being an introvert wasn’t something I openly celebrated in my youth. I was actually ashamed of it, assuming that being a more introspective person meant I wasn’t interesting. I compared myself to those who have the gift of gab, captivating rapt audiences with witty one-liners. When I'm prompted and comfortable, I’m open to sharing my insights about life, love, etc. However I’ve never been one who wanted to be the center of attention in my private live. It was the same when I was pursuing acting. As an actor, I found there was distance between me and the audience. I never sensed I was fueled by the attention of the public.

It wasn’t until I became good friends with Jenny when I felt okay with being an introvert. But being an introvert doesn’t mean I'm disinterested in leading an active and productive life. It’s as the article by Kendra Cherry titled How You Can Tell That You're an Introvert states, “After attending a party or spending time in a large group of people, introverts often feel a need to 'recharge' by spending a period of time alone.” I enjoy being alone to read, write or discover a new hobby is a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. Continuously being around others isn’t the well I go to be rejuvenated.

Social media helps me to connect with others like me. It's how I discovered Susan Cain, who did a 2012 TED Talk called, The Power of Introverts. It’s insightful and uplifting, especially for those of us struggling to be who we are as introverts.

For episode, titled Episode 4 - There’s Something About Erick, I will share my awarenesses and experiences as an introvert. Please comment, rate and subscribe on iTune, Spotify, Castbox and Stitcher. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Until next time, stay safe, be supportive and remain hopeful.

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