The Countdown Begins

In less than 168 hours I will be flying out of Los Angeles Airport's Tom Bradley International Terminal, landing 10 hours later at Stockholm Arlanda Airport to begin my life's next adventure. Since leaving my job on September 6, I’ve visited family and friends in Arizona. I also hosted two of my cousins from New York, who flew west to offer their love and support. Additionally, I've been able to spend time with my dear friends here in Los Angeles.

The most asked question has been, "Are you nervous about moving to another country?" No, I'm not nervous. Which doesn't mean I haven't been cycling through various emotions. But when I return to the quiet place in the center of my chest, I feel the calm presence that informs me that this is where the Universe is leading me. Additionally, each time that I receive a hug or a word of encouragement, I'm reminded that I'm surrounded by a lot of love and support. Although I'll be 5,515 miles away, I will make sure to carry this network of positivity with me.

As I pack the last few boxes to donate to The Goodwill and the Los Angeles Public Library, my heart swells with excitement. It's a feeling akin to how I felt before walking on stage when I was an actor, a mix of joy and excitement. It confirms for me that this is something I'm emotionally invested in. Through Spotify I'm also back listening to Swedish-language podcasts which include Radio Sweden på lätt svenska, Morgonpasset i P3 and Skäringer & Manheimer.

I cannot know in this moment where I will be led. However, I do know to have not made this decision to pursue my aspirations would have meant they would have remained in the shadows to languish and linger.

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